Asbestos has been commonly used in the construction industry since the mid-19th century and it was not until 1999 that a total ban was imposed. Approximately 50% of private homes are likely to include some Asbestos Containing Materails (ACM’s).

Whilst this may sound alarming, asbestos is only likely to be dangerous if it’s fibres are released into the air and you breathe it in. Therefore it’s vital that asbestos is not disturbed and thats it’s condition is regularly checked for signs of deterioration. As we are a small independent company we are not VAT registered, consequently householders do not have the burden of paying 20% VAT for the cost of the survey. In residential┬áproperties ACM’s are often present in ceilings decorated with a artex textured coating, as this was manufactured using white asbestos (Chrysotile) until the mid 1980′s when it was banned. However, ACM’s can be present in a variety of uses such as boiler flues, ducts, water tanks, floor tiles, insulation materials, pipe lagging, eaves, gutters, down pipes, ceiling tiles and in cupboards enclosing boilers. The use of ACM’s in properties can be found in the strangest places and sometimes for no apparant reason. Builders would often use whatever was lying around, for example asbestos insulation board (AIB) to pack roof trusses or beams in the loft spaces. The list is not exhaustive! Therefore, it’s difficult to establish how much asbestos is present in a home without employing a specialist to undertake a full inspection. Prior to the purchase of property its’ recommended that an asbestos management survey is carried out before the exchange of contracts to ensure the liability for any remedial work which maybe necessary are identified and any financial implications can be agreed before the purchase of the property.

Having a asbestos survey undertaken will help to identify if asbestos is present, its condition and product type and if it is, determine how to control or remove it. To comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012) its’ recommended that a survey is carried out by a suitably qualified surveyor trained and certified to BOHS P402 standard and in accordance with the Health & Safety Guidelines 264 (HSG 264).

After the survey has been completed we will issue a report indicating all areas where ACM’s are evident and give our recommendations for any necessary remedial action required. We offer a totally professional, confidential and independent service to our clients. We are not allied to any asbestos removal contractors or other interested parties and can therefore guarantee a totally accurate and independent asbestos survey report. We can offer a free initial ‘walk through’ the property to ascertain if it is┬álikely to contain ACM’s. We hope this information has been helpful and for further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.